Thank you for choosing K. Hervey Art! Our art studio is nestled on our rural property outside of Frontenac, Kansas.

The address is 117 S. 250th, Mulberry. Google should take you right there. If you're familiar with the area our property sits near where the old Cove restaurant used to be. You simply take a right at the old cove location and we are a few houses down the road on the left.

Our family purchased the property four years ago when it was in very rough shape. After removing over 5 tons of trash and debris we now have a beautiful park like environment, that we are incredibly proud of. 

When you arrive you'll probably wonder if you're at the right place. Don't worry, friends, things are not as they appear.

The front of the property is a wonderful disguise for the rear with its old farm house in rough shape. We tell everyone it's the best Halloween prop ever, but don't worry. No one is allowed in there. Really, it's just the last piece in a large clean up project. It will soon be replaced with our new home, and front fence that your patronage is helping to build! (Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!) 

Don't worry about that old farm house, pull on in the driveway, hop out, and come around back. Once you round the old house you'll discover our secret eden. Shhhhh don't tell. 

Our studio, beautiful open grass areas, tree lined path, and peaceful woods that you see in our art are all back here. 

Our property is mostly kid friendly, but we do ask you keep an eye on your little ones as we have a good sized pond. (Those big bull frogs in the pond just waiting to be caught can be pretty tempting for kids, and we'd hate for you to have to fish them out covered and mud, but proudly clasping a new green friend.) Our neighbors cows are friendly, but the bugs may not be depending on the time of day. We have bug spray available, we keep the grass well tended, and our team of chickens do a good job running them off too. Still, just as a precaution, please give your kids a check over when you get home to make sure they didn't bring any friends. 

If you have any questions, or get turned around feel free to call us or text, 6207190739. Cell phone reception can be spotty coming out, but if you get lost head to chicken Annie's/ Mary's. It's right down the road and around the corner, and most cell phones work there. We can guide you or dispatch someone to escort you. We're happy to do either. 

Thank again for coming to see us. We're excited to create wonderful things for you! 

Best wishes always,


How to find our magical prairie oasis.