Portrait FAQ's

A note from our photographer:
Hi everyone!! I often get questions about my sessions. So here's just a few things about how I do my portrait sessions and our pricing.

I am experienced in maternity, newborn, children and family, senior, and boudoir photography as well as photojournalism. My specialty is maternity and newborn photography. I also take birth clients in a case by case basis. 

Sorry, I no longer photograph weddings or sports. 

Yes, I do travel. I am open to portrait, event and documentary photography assignments. 

I was taught how to photograph by old school photographers, and am pretty old school myself. So I do my sessions a little differently than some younger photographers.

After you book a session with me I spend some time with you on the phone or via text. As I'm more of an artistic photographer than a standard studio photographer so I like getting to know my clients hopes for the session a little more than your standard shooter.

This usually takes about 15 to 20 minutes so don't worry if your busy. We'll schedule the type and time of your session based on that conversation. I don't go into sessions with pre-made ideas. Each session is unique to the family I am creating the art for. You're welcome to contact me about your wardrobe, ideas, ect.

We also find out at this point if you would like hair and make-up services for your shoot. If so we will take care of arranging that for you with our trusted partners. Our partners know exactly what looks best in photographs and are wonderful about guiding clients. 

My basic session fees (creative fees we call them) range from $50 to $80 and are due at booking. That includes your session time, editing time, and your ordering session.

(Hair and makeup services, specialty art editing, as well as digital & print images are an additional cost.) 

*Why a small session fee instead of a large prepaid package?

This is how photographers usually worked with clients before digital and I think the extra attention produces better images. The photographer works a little harder, because they still have to sell the images. I love the extra beauty that little bit of love gives my work. So that's why I still do it this way.

It's more work for me, and a possibility of financial loss if you don't like the images and don't order any at the viewing session. 

However, I hope I don't produce the kind of images you just put on your Facebook page for a day. I strive to produce the kind of pieces you have printed on canvases and pass down through generations. So I'm willing to take the risk.

So I've always felt it was more sensible, and makes for happier clients, to shoot with a small session fee then offer the images for sale instead of insisting on the whole amount up front.

After your session is complete I take between two and four weeks to edit your pieces. Once again I'm a little old school here.

Although all images are professionally edited on the most up to date digital editing programs I still take a film to print approach.

I only present the best images of the session, fully edited, and ready to print. Everything else doesn't make the cut. Period.

We're not about quantity, we're very much about quality.

We don't half edit, or use bulk filter editing. Our images are shot as raw data (not compressed jpegs) and painstakingly edited to the best of our ability every time. We never ever sell unedited or partially edited images to portrait clients. We remove blemishes and do minor adult body sculpting as part of our usual workflow. 

When you view your images you can see EXACTLY what your buying. Not a hope and dream of what we might create.

Speaking of purchasing the images you do that as soon as they are finished at our viewing session after the editing process is complete. 

I love this moment the best. 

Seriously. It's why I still photograph clients. After I've dreamed about this session with you, shot it, edited it, and prepared it for presentation, I'm so excited and nervous to show them to you. It doesn't matter that I've been doing this for a decade and a half. When you the client see them, and you love them, that's the best thing ever.

Viewing sessions usually only take about a half hour. However, we schedule a lot longer than that in case you need help deciding on prints or canvas sizes. If your ordering an album we usually suggest you plan for about an hour.

Viewings can be as quick or as long as you want them to however we do ask that you bring anyone you need for purchasing decisions with you.

We do not offer online galleries until after images are purchased, and only purchased images are uploaded.

Although I'm old school on customer care and I love when clients order large prints, I do offer digital packages with personal printing rights. This allows you to make multiple prints yourself for personal use. 

Digital copies of our work are full size and able to be printed at any retailer you like. We strongly suggest mpix. They can also be shared on social media. Our digital packages range from $50 to $375. Our prints are very high quality and start at $25.

If you purchase prints or canvases we order those then and usually arrive in a week to three weeks depending on the time of the year. Digital options are ready to go home with you at the viewing session.

You only purchase what you want, and I absolutely never use high pressure sales tactics. The images honestly sell themselves. 

By breaking it into two sessions, the photography and the viewing session instead of the one, we make sure you're happy with what your buying, not being stuck with something you've already paid for weeks before. 

Session availability:

I do have other projects so I don't take a lot of sessions a month. If you want a session that has a timeline like senior photos or maternity images please try to contact me at least two months out. I do occasionally have last minute cancellations to my schedule that allow me to work in a few more sessions a month so of course free to contact time and ask. :) If you have a code for an exclusive session, just click here for more information.

If you have any questions about how I run my sessions please feel free to send me a message! I look forward to seeing you soon!